As a national association of Christian spiritual directors, we serve with a passion to help believers attain to the whole measure of fullness of Christ (Eph. 4:13) 

As Christians, we understand the value and importance of belonging to a corporate body.  We gather and worship locally together in small groups or large corporate gatherings, and know that where two or three are gathered, there Christ has promised to be also (Matt. 18:20).  

The same is true within the professional context of a national association of spiritual directors who are called and gifted by the Spirit to companion others to pay attention to God, and to God’s presence, voice, and sanctifying work in his or her life.  CFCSD is a growing ministry within the Canadian landscape of Christian churches, spiritual formation training programs and individuals seeking a spiritual director. 

Partnership within the CFCSD means community. A community that welcomes spiritual directors, individuals in training and those interested in the ministry and service of spiritual direction; also, known as anam cara, soul friendship, spiritual accompaniment, spiritual companionship or spiritual guidance. 

Partners, upon payment of fees receive:

Value #1:

Visibility & Identification in a national professional ministry association. Partners receive an attractive CFCSD wallet card to carry with them and a partner certificate to frame. 

Value #2: 

Networking opportunities through connection with Christian spiritual directors across Canada of similar theological beliefs encompassing inclusion in the Canada wide private Spiritual Director’s directory; a special invitation to the Annual Canadian SD forum, a yearly web-gathering of spiritual directors across Canada; additionally, in person gatherings such as retreats, set-apart days, continuing education opportunities, prayer and support fellowships, and many other connectional opportunities that continue to develop as we grow, you can ensure that your networking opportunities are safe places to grow and learn both professionally and spiritually.

Value #3:

Promotion of your individual practice, through the online database for those seeking a spiritual director and event marketing, through the e-newsletter “Canadian Spiritual Director NEWS!” In addition, coming soon… ‘Soul Shepherds Only’ a
bi-monthly e-newsletter featuring the ministries and gifts of CFCSD partners.

Value #4:

Professional Ministry Development opportunities, encouraging the ongoing personal, spiritual and professional development of spiritual directors, including a yearly ministry consultation with a senior practitioner. Through retreats, online, local gatherings and other promoted professional development opportunities, we seek to help each individual spiritual director create intentional steps of continued spiritual growth and professional ministry development within spiritual formation.

Value #5:

Resources with partnership only access, online articles where partners can find ministry helps, including articles, customizable brochures, ministry forms such as sample directee agreement, supervisor availability, book recommendations and more. 

Value #6:

Ethical Standards, Accountability and Ministry Practice Our Code of Ethics serves as a guideline and accountability tool for ministry professionals as they serve and minister.  We seek to provide education and resources about issues of professional ethics to partners.  We provide partners with an annual update report of ethical and ministry issues for spiritual direction. We also aid in answering questions from partners regarding ethical situations and ministry practice. 

Value #7:

Advocacy of spiritual direction ministry.  CFCSD partners with churches, spiritual formation training providers and associations to champion Christian spiritual directors. We advocate the ministry of spiritual direction within Canadian churches.

Value #8:

Preferred Pricing on educational events and gatherings across Canada and registration discounts at CFCSD regional and national events including retreat days, conferences, professional ministry development training and webinars. 

Value #9:

Not-for-profit association status in Canada ensures that CFCSD is fiscally responsible and practices accountable management of funds.  Our annual general budget reflects policies, goals, and supports the mission and values of CFCSD and its partners; regularly reviewing the association’s financial performance against its goals and programs.  Keeping partnership fees as low as possible is of high importance to the national leadership. 

Annual Fee
$50 Full Partnership
$50 Associate Partner
$30 Partner-in-Training